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  • 11 October 2021
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looking for what are some of the main specific uses of miros - plus a link to specifics examples of that specific use

what are some of the main specific uses of miros?


looked around but some things arent understandable. for example this

it’s not clear what this is used for

and it's explained, a lot of the stuff is not really explained

for some things there are better apps that do specific things better


what are some of the main specific uses of miros

specific uses  - plus a link to specifics examples of that specific use

3 replies

hope that this “Distributed 2021” that is being excessively promoted on this site, and yet i and soooo many other users (99%) dont even know what benefits it has to the users

hopefully it’d have links to very specific uses and those miros/whiteboards are explained well

plsssss someone anyone within next 10 years i need to see specific uses

i thought of i believe 3-4 specific features, each of which leads to many specific uses, but miro didnt do any of it:

  • no custom fonts (why? is custom font very hard to do in online apps or something? i dunno)
  • cannot make each board into a slide to do presentation  (maybe can do this not sure yet)
  • youtube vids need double click - why?? other apps dont do that  
    • didnt post about this one
  • no gifs (and uploaded medias has link attached with no option to remove link ???)
  • cant remember if there were anything else

i have 10000x other specific needs, but i eiteher cant remember right now or miro doesnt do them, but i still dont know what miro is for, think should check back every 5 years instead of every 1 yaer 

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@miruses :

How to make slides out of your board I had shown you here:

What you can do with miro you can see a lot of work in the miroverse:

Each of them has got it’s own aspects / strength and offers different things that you can do with it.

Each and every user here uses miro in other ways.

I do classes and coachings with miro  projectplanning and other things 

One example out of my coaching sessions:

This article shows ways to use miro:

I showed in the German miro User group this examples of my daily work with miro:

A perfect information what you can do with miro offers the official miro youtube channel:

Miro - YouTube

And if you’ve been on the Distributed 21 you have seen enough uses of miro …

The sky is the limit … if you like to see more fonts or other things you wish in miro you have to place it onto the wishlist … :

So try it yourself … and ask what you like to know