Crowdsourcing Live Note Taking with Miro?

  • 21 April 2021
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Hello, I’m considering the use case of having students take notes with Miro during a live class over Zoom. I’m very new to Miro but am working my way through the KB and the getting started course. 

Two sticking points that I wanted to determine before I dive too deeply here as there’s a short turnaround time for me to determine if this will work.


  1. Sticky Note Generation: If there are boards with prompts, and the goal is to have students add their comments with stickies, how do students access the stickies? I’ve seen examples of locked boards with stickies in piles off to the side, but I’m wondering, what happens when the stickies run out? Are more created automatically or do students have to do this in some fashion? Related question: Is there a better way to do this than with using the Sticky Notes?
  2. Sharing: When sharing with students - my use case will have potentially hundreds at a time. What permissions level is necessary to know who left the sticky - i.e. who wrote what? If a guest leaves a sticky will I know who said what? Can users editor each other’s stickies? I’m hoping not, but it would be cool if students could comment on one another’s work. 

Thanks very much in advance!


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@Monica D.T. Rysavy -

For what you are looking to achieve either Sticky Notes or adding Comments to the info you wish them to comment are ways to go.

In both cases, if you have hundreds of stickies or comments related to a particular topic it can get overwhelming so you may wish to break the students into groups and have each group tackle a particular topic. 

In both cases, you can see who would have created/updated a sticky or who would have entered a comment.

The one advantage of using the comments approach rather than the sticky notes one is that you can restrict the students access to “comments only” so they can’t edit the board itself. To create or update sticky notes, then need full edit access, and with that they could edit each others notes but you could see who had edited whose.

Creating new sticky notes is not challenging - students can either duplicate or copy & paste existing ones, or create a new one using the sticky note tool or shortcut key.

I’d recommend playing with both options with a couple of colleagues to get a feel as to which will work best for your use case.