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  • 7 September 2021
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Hi! I am the VP of Operations for a one stop Creative Agency that handles Branding, Web Development and Marketing for Healthcare and Non-profit clients. I have just started at the agency, and up until now the agency has no documented processes or workflows, no documented meetings in place, nothing. I’ve been tasked with creating this structure. I would love to know if someone could help me understand the best way to do this? Thanks! 

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Hi @James Boyd - welcome! 

A Miro board can be a great place to start (obviously!) - I personally would create a full audit of all processes that require documentation, cluster and organize them visually and then start drafting documents that you can attach to the clusters. This can evolve as the processes do as well. 

This provides an easy “map” of each process at the company, and collaborators can click into the documentation as needed, leave comments, point out gaps, etc. 


Audit - “what do we have?” and “what do we need to have?” 

Cluster - “how can we group these processes?” 

Documentation - author or delegate all documentation. 



I’m looking forward to more responses!