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  • 1 September 2021
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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone has a one-page cheat sheet or user guide they would be happy to share?

We’re currently implementing Miro as an enterprise app at my organisation and as part of that, we would like to share a cheat sheet / user guide / training document with colleagues.

Many thanks in advance


3 replies

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@Dane Hamilton -

A lot depends on how Miro will be used. There's a lot more to learn if certain shapes or apps are used than if it is just basic usage (e.g. sticky notes).

The Miroverse does have some onboarding board examples and there are cheat sheet frames in many of the Miro user group event boards.


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@Dane Hamilton - You may also want to check out the following post for ideas - you should be able to open most of the boards, click on the board board name (top-left, to the right of the Miro logo, and use the Duplicate action to make a copy of the board into your own account):


And here’s a direct link to the board I created for the challenge:


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Hi @Robert Johnson and @Kiron Bondale 

That’s super helpful, thanks so much for your support.