Jigsaw Puzzle and other cool Miro games ideas 🧩

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Want to try an original jigsaw puzzle that I created in Miro? Do share your other fun Miro ideas too!



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Love this idea! Looking forward to see what games people are creating in their boards :)

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This is awesome @Isman Tanuri! What did you use to split the original image into the individual pieces?

I’m sure someone could come up with a simple chess and checkers board to enable two person play and a more Enterprise-ing person could come up with 3D Chess a la Star Trek...


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Hey @Kiron Bondale there are a few YouTube tutorials on how to do this using PowerPoint. Like this:


You can also "Make A Puzzle" at this platform: https://thejigsawpuzzles.com

Have fun!

Awesome topic! @Isman Tanuri thank you for starting it :blush:

@Arthur Brill once mentioned that they moved their Dungeons and Dragons game to Miro. Here’s his message:

I just began using Miro last week, and decided to try it as a solution to moving my Dungeons and Dragons game online. Our weekly table game was rudely interrupted by the Virus We Shall Not Name, and I got the idea from another player to look into collaborative whiteboard platforms. Miro has been everything I could hope for so far.

I am a long-time graphic designer, and created modular “tiles” in Adobe Illustrator and saved them as pngs in Photoshop. I imported them into Miro, and arranged them and locked them down. My tiles are “10x10”, “20x20”, “30x40”, etc… These number represent room sizes in feet. On a physical game table, the game is played at a scale of 1”=5’, so a 20x20 would be 4” x 4”. I saved them to that size at 150 dpi and imported them into Miro, and they are working wonderfully.

I am adding light and shadow in Miro using simple shapes and locking them down. But Thursday night, a player “took a torch” off the wall… I simply ungrouped it from the wall and grouped it to his character token. The players can move their own tokens, and as they explore new areas, I drag my pre grouped tiles off from the side and build more dungeon. 

For any old time D&D players… this is the dungeon beneath the moathouse ruins from The Village of Hommlet, re-imaged for online play.


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 @Isman Tanuri We’ve been sharing this around the Miro (remote) office this week. So clever and fun! 

Also, I’m obsessed with @Arthur Brill’s story of moving his D&D game into Miro. We use Roll20 for our board, but it’s a bit frustrating and tedious to build dungeons in. I love how you use shapes, and lock/unlock feature to do this in Miro. I’m going to try that with my group.

Thanks for all the inspiration, everyone. Can’t wait to hear more ideas.

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Jigsaw puzzles and DnD?  Holy cow this opens so many possibilities. all of the jigsaw pieces would have to be vector graphics so they can fit together. 

For DnD @Christina, you can set up links from any object on your board to another object, or another board altogether. This means that for an adventure, you could literally create a portal or fast travel from one area to another. You could also use shapes to cover up areas of the map you don’t want your parties seeing before it is time. 

Holy cow, I just got an urge to create and DM a game.

Great discussion everyone, so fun!

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Isman, that is really great!

I’m using Miro to design some educational materials which I'll share soon. But I found Miro because I was looking for a solution to my D&D game. I know I’ve just scratched the surface of what it can do, But one of the great things is the amazing real time zoom capabilities. I can import an image and scale it so that you have to be out at about 50% or less to see the whole thing. Then, the players and I can zoom in up to 400%  (for an 800% zoom!), turning the entire image into a giant battle map.

I like the idea of hyperlinking one object to another in the board, and I’ll have to play with that. The fact is, you can create any kind of board game in Miro. Just import the board… chess, backgammon, parchesi, othello, etc… lock it down, and import the pieces. Now you and your players can move the pieces around the board.

I live in a rural area, with very limited bandwidth. I have found Zoom to be unworkable, and even Discord has dropped members from the conversation. We use phone conferencing vie GoToMeeting for a reliable voice connection, and Miro for the visuals.


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I’ve been championing Miro in my online D&D forums. While it doesn’t have the bells and whistles Roll 20 and other such platforms have (linking directly to rules, automated dice rolling, etc...) we are all grownups with books and dice, and what Miro does it does very well.

Also, Roll20 is limited to 8 megs per “board”, while Miros 30 meg capacity makes if far more flexible, while still being very responsive.

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@Arthur Brill Thanks for sharing about your D&D Miro experience, Arthur. I'm curious. You mentioned a "30 meg" capacity for Miro. is this in relation to the amount of images/files that you can upload into a board?

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Hi Isman,

Yes, my understanding it the limit on a given board is 30 megs. Compared to other gaming formats for D&D, this is quite substantially larger.

I’m wondering for your jigsaw puzzle, did you use pngs for the pieces?


@Isman Tanuri How does one have the jigsaw pieces on Miro? Once you have split the image of your choice in 100-200 pieces, how do you then transfer that to Miro?

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Hi @Arthur Brill @Faiz Malik yes, those are PNGs so they are nicely cut without a background. You can easily load them into Miro using Upload feature.

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Same here I’m starting to use MIRO for organizing my sandbox world RPG. More messy than a linear scenario. I was looking some mindmap website to travel fast between timeline, PNJ, maps, and quests.
I tried many before telling you that MIRO is the best solution.
If we have collapse branches, popup texts and lock screen frames. It’s gonna be PERFECT  for it !
In a future a RPG plugin for dices, GM layer and player layer, character sheet and variable for result of dices and it’s take over Roll20 for me. All in one.
I’m thrilled to see some special MIRO board game !

Hi @Arthur Brill @Faiz Malik yes, those are PNGs so they are nicely cut without a background. You can easily load them into Miro using Upload feature.

@Isman Tanuri Could you please tell me how to do it?

I have followed the initial video you posted where the man shows how to create a jigsaw on WORD, which I have done now and have a jigsaw piece image over the image. Is it possible for us to have a zoom meeting? Thanks

Anyone to reply to my post from last week pls?

Just wanted to share this post - https://twitter.com/suzylagerweij/status/1270760534053396481?s=20
Chess in Miro! :heart_eyes:

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Just wanted to share this post - https://twitter.com/suzylagerweij/status/1270760534053396481?s=20
Chess in Miro! :heart_eyes:

This certainly looks very fun! And innovative!

And one more finding on Twitter - https://twitter.com/JonathanV3it/status/1272185803075174406?s=20 by Jonathan Veit


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And one more finding on Twitter - https://twitter.com/JonathanV3it/status/1272185803075174406?s=20 by Jonathan Veit


This is such a great idea! #stealingborrowingadapting

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@Marina Thanks for sharing the previous idea. I adapted the "Mirosymbiosis" game and look what we ended up with! :) (Ps. do you know if the creators are on here? If so, I would love to say thanks to them!)



Wow, looks great! 

I’ll try to find Jonathan and invite him to the community:slight_smile:  

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I would love to share my first Miro workshop from yesterday. Since Covid lockdown I have been trying to think of a way to do my play workshops online. It is called www.thinkwiththings.com and very very very much about the tangible experience of touching and constructing stories with found objects.

Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with Miro and designing our workshops in that environment. Below is a sample of a finished play experience between two people. I also used zoom becasue of the break out rooms. So wish I could do it all in Miro tho, but maybe one day.

Would love your feedback!



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@Jules -

this is very cool and looks really realistic! How much prep effort did this take to setup?


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A lot! but once all the objects were photographed and input it was easier. I spent a lot of time trying to make the space as intuitive as possible. I did about 30min intro and walked through how to move and use the objects then briefly some of the miro tools, but in fact, they could interact perfectly without them. Then they had 20min in pairs. Worked really well! I have a few design changes now as I watched them work like they need more white space around the table, but otherwise good.

And one more game - Cozy Juicy Real :blush:

Sophia (@Cozy Juicy Real) gives a short overview here - https://community.miro.com/wish-list-32/flippable-cards-like-playing-cards-or-flash-cards-580?postid=5153#post5153