What's your post quarantine bucket list?

  • 31 July 2020
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In some places it seems like lockdown is lessening and people are getting some freedom again but where I am in California, it seems like things are shut down again!

To not dwell on the negatives, for the past few months I've been curating a post-quarantine bucket list to have something to look forward to! Here's some of the ideas I have so far:

  • Try out competitive karaoke

  • Archery class

  • Aerial silk class

  • Visit Paris

  • Visit + Work at Amsterdam office

  • Go to a wine tasting

Have any of you started a post-quarantine bucket list? If so, I'd love to hear some of your ideas!

4 replies

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@Natalie Larino -

What is aerial silk - that sounds really cool?

I love karaoke - can’t be pulled away from the mike once I have it - we should organize a Miro-based jam session :grin:

Now that we are in “Stage 3” in most of Ontario, the majority of our restrictions have lifted so the two things I’m looking forward to the most are:

  1. Going to the gym vs. using my home gym
  2. Knocking a few more wineries off the list in the Niagara area - hopefully they will be supporting tastings again as I only have about 60 wineries left to visit!


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that’s awesome! yea, California seems to be going backwards unfortunately 😕. But i’m leaving for NY for over a month tomorrow where things seem to be slightly more open so even though I still won’t be able to tackle the items on my list yet I can at least take a yoga class.

A Miro based jam session would be so much fun! Maybe as a special edition V-MUG. 

& here’s a good article about Aerial silk, it’s kind of hard to explain haha



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@Natalie Larino -

When we did our Alaskan cruise last year on Celebrity, the duo of Alan and Yulia Reva did some amazing aerial (and ground-based) fitness - here’s one video of theirs: 



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My list:

  • Try to finally sell some of the bar soaps that I started making as a hobby, but later decided could be a small side gig.
  • Visit family back home in Ontario.
  • A trip to anywhere tropical (palm trees, clear water...).
  • Investigate whether or not I could get a job at Miro, working from home in Saskatchewan, Canada as a dual Canadian/Irish citizen/EU passport holder - hired as an Amsterdam  employee?! :wink: Wait, that’s a wish item, not a bucket list item.