Staycation or vacation during lockdown?

  • 4 September 2020
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Happy Friday :hugging:

Did you have a vacation this year? Or maybe it is only going to happen?

Things are complicated in 2020, right? 

I’m planning a vacation for myself, but since we are still under lockdown and can’t travel freely around the world, we need to think of other ways to have rest, recharge, and unwind. I’ve come across an article about staycation during the quarantine - it gives some ideas of great vacation even in these circumstances. 


But still, I wonder, what was (will be) your vacation like this year?

1 reply

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Good topic @Marina !

Our big vacation was right before pandemic restrictions started - Dubai and India for two weeks. Now that we’ve got the puppy, staycation is definitely the way to go even if there weren’t restrictions so other than a cottage getaway a couple of hours from us for the Thanksgiving long weekend we are staying put.