First concert or festival you want to go to after Covid?

  • 28 August 2020
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Although we won’t have any concerts or festivals for who knows till when - It’s still nice to dream!

I’m moving to LA soon and I definitely want to go to Coachella. As a long time east coaster I’ve never been. I’m a big fan of music festivals so I’ve always felt Coachella is something you should at least experience once - at least if you’re an Angeleno.

Is there any festival or concert you’re looking forward to attending in a post-covid world?

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@Natalie Larino -

Two bands which I’d procrastinated on seeing live but would jump at the opportunity now would be The Offspring and Rise Against. Other than them, I’d be glad to see Metallica, Iron Maiden or Avenged Sevenfold the next time any of them are touring up here in Toronto even though I’ve seen them all more than once!