Anyone interested in a German Miro community meeting?

  • 19 August 2020
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an idea and question to all German users: 

What about the idea to meet either virtual or in real life in a real world meeting. 

Therefore I like to know:
Where do you come from and is anyone interested in a meeting?

Please post the answers here into this thread.

Looking forward for as many answers as possible and maybe to meet and share ideas.

Ich komme aus Düsseldorf - NRW


11 replies

Hello Micheal,

I would be interested but more into a shared Miro board, then a meeting -
To connect with each other passively.
The board could be segmented in sectors of work (e.g. design, medicine, sonsultancy etc.) or a collection of virtual businss cards. Or an area wih “I am looking for” and “What I can offer”: Something like that.

With kind regards,

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Hi @Caoyn,

Happy to e-meet you!

Great idea! I’ve created a board with public editing access. Do you want to start it? :relaxed:


@mlanders please join us :wink:

Hello Marina,

Awesome, just created something 🦄🎈

Thank you,


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Super cool!

I hope this board will grow :rocket:

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Hey @Falk Kühnel @Rolf @Caspar von Gwinner @Tim J. Peters @Eyal Ganor @Milan Shah @InesLutz @Jens @Karla Engelmann and anyone from Germany, come join us :blush::rocket:

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@mlanders maybe you’d consider having a local German Miro User Group chapter?

CC: @Natalie Larino :)

This is fun. Just added my card. :thumbsup_tone3:

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Hi  - sorry for the delay.

Oh … is this cool!


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Added my card. I miss the unsplash-tool. So could you please :pray_tone1: add the unsplash button - roalty free picutres are needed for unleashing my creativity. I do not want to add any google pic 


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Hey @mlanders,

I’ve added the Unsplash app :wink:  

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Hi @Marina ,

thank you - that is really cool - hoping this board is growing and gets used for inserting ideas and much much more.