Shameless plug for my new Miro plugin CarbonCopy

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HI! @Markus Smet ! I love the promise of this plug in, and look forward to future versions. It didn’t quite work for what I wanted yet. 


The issue is I can’t uninstall it. I can’t find where on the board I had some Carbon copy items, so can’t delete/remove the CC functionality. Now all 20 people at my company keep getting asked to install it… and they are not so happy. 

How can I remove it so no one is notified any more? i saw your post about user v team permissions, and it doesn’t look like that is ready yet. 


For now, I have another Miro account I can do testing on, I need this completely gone from my company board, please!!

Today I started getting a popup on my boards to “Please authorize Carbon Copy.” When I click “Authorize” then I get an error: “We couldn’t install this app. A client must have at least one registered redirect URL.”

I’m not doing anything fancy with my board, and am not syncing data between boards or anything like that. I have never knowingly installed or used Carbon Copy and am not sure what to do. Anyone else having this issue or know anything about it? 

@Markus Smet, could you please share a link to the privacy policy? Thank you in advance!

@Markus Smet -- Hi! Are you able to respond to this please?

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Here you go.

Thank you very much it’s a really a great plugin! I highly appreciate all your efforts. This plugin makes working with miro so much more efficient.

@Markus Smet I’d also really like to get an update on Carbon Copy and if it will be added back to the marketplace.



@Markus Smet - looks really good.  I’ve installed it and associated it with a team...should I not see it on the idea/item corresponding horizontal options bar (font, colour, alignment etc)?  as in choosing something on the screen like a note and see a new sync option? I’ve reinstalled and checked the team is correct….

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Hi @MarkR 

Yes, you should be able to see the icons to start sync’ing the widget inside the selected widget’s context menu (where you can change the font size, colours etc.). I think it’s outlined in the videos for the plugin.

@Markus Smet, likewise! It became extremely useful, and now I’ve lost all functionality.

...Thanks for replying - I try and work out why it is not showing even though we have it installed and authorised for a Team.  Probably something I’m doing!  Thanks again.

@Markus Smet -- so, similar to Jenny above, we have some users in our team who like and want to use CarbonCopy. However, our team is orders of magnitude larger than Jenny’s, and we have now entered into a ping-pong game of uninstall for team (user annoyed by repeated auth requests) <> re-install (user wanting CC).  So, what’s the horizon on getting the app installed for individual users you mention above? Otherwise, would refresh tokens be a possibility, (see

Thanks for sharing!  I am new to Miro but this is a feature I would have wanted to know about for keeping tabs on many spread out projects details that are all spread out but being able to consolidate to a compact dashboard in a different area.

If you dont mind me asking, where did you find resources on the API to create your own widgets?  I have some ideas I would like to dabble with as well.

Great Job!

@Markus Smet , thanks for the reply! 
I actually have the exact same problem when trying to use the Carbon Copy app in a browser (Chrome). But I understand that you are no longer developing it and we need to take the app as is 👍

Thanks again and I hope you have a great day :)