Miro for coaching and systemic consulting to solve problems with/for clients

  • 30 March 2020
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Hi everyone,

I am Michael. Since the 1990th i am a passionate MindMapper who loves to work graphic-oriented and loves everything wich helps to simplify complicated things.

Last year i discovered miro: 

A colleague asked me if i can join her online consulting to test her system.

It was a good web-based consulting system, but it has a lot of not so good things:

  • It was in a graphical way based on a 1990th design
  • It was not enough customizable for consulting and coaching needs
  • It should offer something template-made wich can easyli shown up for individual consulting settings
  • It should have pictures in it (i love to work with pictures) and i want not to buy a lot of pictures for the whole settings

So i searched a whole 4 days and i found miro.

I started my free-account and hey:

Over 200.000 best quality pictures


The ability to drag documents

Arrows to connect something


And whooohoooohooo: Stickies

Even in the free account a lot to offer … but then:

The consultant account:
I was able to set my own templates - each one for different coaching / consulting settings.

So - in my job i work as a socialworker who supports people with different problems.

From time to time i work with clients in miro.
I love to work in it.
It gives me so much flexibility and i look forward to the miro future, what rich featurers are coming to us.

All i want to say is:

Thank you for a perfect product, wich offers and gives me so much.


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@mlanders I looove everything you mentioned!! :hugging:  

How are your clients reacting to coaching via Miro?