Meet Miro Hero Rodrigo Santander

  • 2 August 2023
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Meet Miro Hero Rodrigo Santander

Miro Heroes are creative and innovative super users who use their Miro superpowers to help others make the most of Miro. Let’s get to know Miro Hero Rodrigo Santander!


👩🏽‍💻Role: Solution Architect

🏢Organization: Orange Digital CX

📍Location: Mexico City, Mexico 

🖼️ Favorite Miro Template: Journey Map for Customer Experience - “Hats off to Essense for creating this easy-to-understand and use customer journey mapping tool. You can jumpstart a workshop right from the template.”

🙏Top Miro Feature: “Real time collaboration for customer journey mapping.”

💡 Proud Moment: “I switched from agency work as a Creative Director to enter the world of tech on the Salesforce Ecosystem, and two years later, I'm 8x certified and recently became a Salesforce Marketing Champion, while helping our clients succeed by designing marketing automation strategies. I'm always sure to bring Miro as an essential part of my workflow!”


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2 replies

Hi! Thank you very much for the spotlight, Miro Community! 


I love Miro, and been proudly using it and encouraging my co-workers to use it on a day-to-day practice, as we help our clients design their marketing automation strategies on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Miro helps us facilitate workshops with our stakeholders, collaborate as a fully remote team and deliver exceptional strategies that help our clients attain their business objectives.


Would love to connect to other Miro heroes and enthusiasts on twitter or linkedin.

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So happy to have you part of the community @Rodrigo Santander! We’re so inspired how you’re using Miro to facilitate workshops and build amazing things!