Intrapreneurs wanted! 🔎

  • 29 April 2022
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Hello Miro Community champions!  🏋️


Do you know what Intrapreneurship is? 🤓
We are organizing a very cool webinar with our friends from Outside Inc where you will learn about:

  • Intrapreneurship  💡
  • How to keep the sparkle in the eyes of your teammates  👯
  • How to keep the entrepreneurial spirit up - regardless of the size of your company 💪🏻


👉🏻 Sign up here!

6 replies

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So glad you liked it, @Mishal ! And enjoy Coglode - it’s a fantastic resource.

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What an amaze session. Thanks everyone and thanks @Semira Martirosyan for sharing about Coglode - thats opened up an entirely new world to me and is very helpful for the work I want to push with behavioural science at PwC.

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hi @Henrik Ståhl  Islamically compliant option means building wealth through means of (but no limited to) earning money through non-halal portfolio of companies (like weapons, alcohol companies etc).

Sayd’s message:


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@Mishal I can totally relate to getting an itch to try new things! If I could choose, I'd definitely do a number of different things instead of focusing solely on one specialization.

Also, I'm a bit curious: what is an "Islamically compliant option” in the context Dr Sayd describes?

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Interesting point of view, @Mishal ! Thanks for sharing.

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I love the mindset of an intrapreneur. Here are some articles that deeply resonate with me which touch this theme of intrapreneurship in light of being a hybrid professional written by Dr. Sayd Farook who is incredible inspirational 


Link: Sayd’s evolving journey as a hybrid professional