Community Usability - Group Types of Issues- so easier to see if already raised

  • 22 August 2021
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While a great way to load issues people see this forum at present it is basically one long list and it is hard to find if issues already raised. Some form of basic categorization more than those below of topics would really help. Also it would be good to see if a topic has been picked up for implementation and expected ETD

4 replies

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should have added - then you need to be able to apply as a filter when looking at the articles 

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@Paul Glenton -

I'm definitely a fan of content organization but my experience in this and other communities is the more attributes you add to a post to make it easy to locate the greater the likelihood that many folks will pick the "other" category out of inertia…


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Hi @Paul Glenton@Marina and I appreciate your feedback! To clarify, are you referring to the community wishlist, to the list of support questions, or other aspects of the forum overall? That info will help us as we see what we can do. Thanks! 

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Start with the wish list where people seem to vote and give indication of wider support and issue but then having a Wishlist without clarity where in a develop / fix timeline doesn’t help - are we just shouting into the wilderness or are we actually being being heard? 

Grouped issues of related themes helps gives an overall perspective.

Basically if to add things as a business user it is only worth doing if I can actually see things happening - ie it is delivering me benefit @Alexis Luscutoff @Marina