Switching between accounts

Hi there,

Now you have the switching between teams. 
However, it’s related only to the teams inside of the one profile. 

In my specific case, I use two profiles: one is work-related, and the second one is personal. 
The solution I find right now is to work with the professional profile in the Mac OS app, while for personal needs, I use the browser version. It works, but it’s not a perfect option. Sometimes, when I need to copy-paste some of my templates from the board in one profile to the board in another - I struggle because it’s just impossible to do. 

The reference here can be Slack with the team spaces that can be joined with different emails.


Best regards,
Egor Kurguzov.

Here is a workaround that worked for me.
Set a password for your account (and if possible change the mail).


  • If you are in the app click help > Reset Application Data
  • If you are in the browser (chrome) > Open Developer Tools > Application (tab) > Storage > Clear site Data

    After that you can authenticate with one account via password and the other one with google.