Project links and sharing

Now it’s not possible to get project link. You can add and invite member but you can’t just copy and send direct  link to the project.

Another usecase - we need to save project links in our tasktracker.

Hi there, just want to express my desire and support for this feature to be added to Miro.

Love the creativity of that solutionbut thats not a solution not-technical folks can use - At least at our company, Miro is used more by non-development folks -e.g. marketing, user acquisition flows, editorial workflows, ideation etc

Nik has a valid point.

I built a workaround as a Bookmarklet for non-techies


I implemented somea bookmarklet code for Miro on GitHub


  1. Go to
  2. in the dropdown select Github Gist
  3. in the text field, copy the URL of the Gist ( )
  4. in the next dropdown select the first option (“Miro-Share-Project-Bookmarklet.js”)
  5. optionally select a nice name for the bookmarklet link (e.g. “ShareMiroProject”)
  6. click the green button, wait until it completed
  7. drag the link from the blue button to your bookmark bar
The result should look like this; “drag” the blue button to your bookmark bar in your Browser


  1. On open the project that you want to share
  2. Click on the bookmarklet => a dialog with a text input field will appear
  3. Copy the entire content of the text input field.
    This is the link that you want to share with your colleagues via chat or email

Please note:

  • I don’t work for Miro, this is a workaround hack.
     I swear that I didn’t include any malicious stuff.
  • It’s pretty certain that this code will break at some point, as it’s not officially supported.
  • @Miro: don’t sue me for reverse engineering.
    I just try provide some help to your users.

One more voice for needing the feature to copy a project page link to effectively share the Projects

Thanks @Pat Mächler  for the source code.

For those who don’t want to go to the trouble of a bookmarklet, or are worried about the security, here’s the essential code.

Open Developer Tools > Console in your browser, and paste this:

dashboardData = JSON.parse(localStorage["rtb_saved_dashboard"]).tree.dashboard;

It will print out the direct URL.

Want to add to this as well - nothing unsaid but it’s been at least an year since the first post and this is absolutely essential for collaboration.

It makes it extremely difficult for larger orgs to collaborate effectively if we cannot easily share projects/groupings and makes it an overall challenging experience especially for new folks we are trying to onboard.

Instead of a smooth experience in miro itself, we end up needing folks to navigate through other screens (e.g. multiple different emails, access navigation, etc) which really disrupts from workflows and makes it more difficult for new users to organically adopt the tool.


I can’t believe this is still not resolved. URLs are key for sharing access to teams and projects. I cant understand how you can not have a unique URL for a team and a unique URL for a project. 

Sharing work in Miro is the biggest pain point our team has because to share a group of work to someone you have to share each project URL

Adding my voice, spent 10 mins poking around before googling, cuz I was sure I has just overlooking the feature.

I’m back here a year later to look up the work around for this feature.  I understand not wanting to update the url in the header, but we know that a link directly to a project exists.  Why not implement a share button to a project?

Also voicing support for this feature - We upgraded mostly to store boards in projects - that feature is useless if we cannot provide links to our team to those projects.

Hello, when are you going to release this feature?