Paste from Excel/Sheets into Miro into 'shapes' of your choice.

I am bringing in data from excel for a service blueprint, when doing this I copying many cells from Excel into Miro - the cells come through into Miro as sticky notes (great feature btw), I then have to convert them all to rectangles - unfortunately Miro can only convert a few columns of sticky notes at a time so I have to convert lots of small groups, this wastes a lot of time.

When you do a paste (or paste-special) into Miro you get asked what type of 'shape' you want the cells to go into (sticky notes, rectangles, cards, stars etc).

Hi @Nick Logan, Thank you for raising this wish-list request. Can you provide more context as to why you need to import cells as shapes rather than sticky notes? Thank you!

@Nick Logan Hmm, I didn't know Miro can only convert a few columns of sticky notes at a time. How many is the maximum? 

@Fabian Strunden Some context as this idea is relevant to me & my team.

We often want to visually represent different columns of data from an Excel into various shapes (with an option to play around with shape size & colour) during workshops.

We use sticky notes to write down all the thoughts & brain storming around that data point - but to represent that data it is best to visualise it in shapes and not get them mixed up with our notes (taken on post-its).

The visual representation through shapes helps to form a mental model for all participants: Circle = data type x (from column A); Rectangles = data type y (from Column C).

Hope this gives you some context.

Keen to know if there is a work-around that exists already.



Switch type solves this issue