Grid view for frames ordering / slideshow

Hello! When turning a board into a slideshow I quickly get overwhelmed by the number of frames to rearrange in correct order in the slides / frames panel. 
Since they must be moved in a linear way, and cannot be multiple selected, it takes ages.

i would like to be able to view frame order in a grid fashion, (and be able to group-move them) to be much faster.

thank you

Emphatically agree! So much about Miro workflows are helpful, so the absence of the ability to select multiple frames or as in the post, a grid ~ slide sorter is  killing my team’s productivity during the “last mile” of presentation.
Sir @Robert Johnson, can i get an amen? ;)



Perhaps a like?


and a VOTE


Just saw this at work in a Beta release! 
Can’t wait…

THIS IS NOW LIVE!  (at least in the business plan)
Thank you @Miro Community Team !
Still need to put through the paces ;)

Good catch, @Matthias - thanks for sharing!

I am am seeing the change on the Team/Starter, Free, Consultant, and Education Plans.

I am also noticing that newly created frames have a background colour of white vs. being transparent.

We’re excited to share that this Frame feature is now live. See the below blog post from our team for more info and how to add frames to the content on your boards 😊