Gradient background color of the widgets

As an user I want to change the background color of my widgets to a gradient fill so that I can show depth and directional control over the elements.

Agreed - gradient fill on elements to show relationships, or dynamics between elements.  To communicate the range between two elements rather than binary options.

Very much agreed!  Things I’d like to see include: Linear + angle, radial, and user customiseable colour stops.  Google Drawings has a good gradient UI that could be used as a basis for this.


To get around this limitation, I’ve frequently added images to the board as a background.  Unfortunately this doesn’t cut it: they don’t scale to meet different user’s needs, they end up looking grainy (scaled beyond initial image size), they take too long to load.  As a result, the templates I create look much less professional than what I can do with other tools.

I wonder if anyone from miro can comment on where they are on the roadmap for this feature?   Thanks very much!

Ooh, I never even thought about it but gradients would be awesome! 👌

@John Grden Assuming it even is in a roadmap. I wouldn't bet on it. This is a wish list, after all – not a single-lane highway into the product team's backlog… 😉

Found this issue after the fourth time I’ve wanted to add a gradient to a diagram and haven’t been able to.  This would be a huge feature, and doesn’t even feel like it would be all that hard?

Pls pls pls

Agree, what a great idea for a feature! In the meantime, I’m making my own gradient outside of Miro and importing as an image to add as a background.