Freeform, filled shapes

It would be really useful to be able to draw freeform shapes that have a colour fill.

We are architects and using Miro to run design workshops remotely. It’s really useful to be able to colour parts of a drawing in to illustrate ideas, but only rarely does what we want to colour relate to the predefined filled shapes available. 

Could work with the existing freeform line tool, adding the ability to connect the two ends to make a closed shape, or could be a standalone drawing tool. 

It would be great if the functionality were close to the Pen tool in Adobe CC, adding and removing points, manipulated by a Direct Selection tool. Below is a board that shows the need I encountered; I have summed it up as Shapes, Fills and Vertices:

Shapes, Fills and Vertices


To those in this thread, I searched for the concept across the community and found that it had been suggested by others. Sharing the links below across all three postings. Freeform, filled shapes has the most votes, to date, if you want to boost the feature request.

Shapes need a dynamic acute triangle

Freeform, filled shapes

Create shapes from single lines

I am in complete agreement with this thread. As a new user, I have already bumped into the limits of what Miro can do for me. Without these features described above, I will not be staying with Miro much longer, sad to say!

This is also one of my main asks. Miro became an essential tool during the pandemic to collaborate and brainstorm remotely. We have been using it with students learning about layouts in architecture and with community members to get input. 

It’s been so successful that we want to keep using it, and this feature will greatly improve this process. 

Yes, this feature would be wonderful!

Surprised Miro doesn’t have this feature yet.  I’m sure it’s in your ‘backlog’ already..   surely a fairly easy one to add?    Thanks in advance, keep up the good work! :-) 

Really seconding this long chain of requests. Please could there be a fill option for freeform drawn shapes. It woudl be game changing. Thank you

I agree. Just started using Miro and this is a big flaw. I need to be able to draw freeform filled polygons to highlight different areas in urban planning scenarios. 

I wish I had a right-angled triangle instead of the one equilateral triangle it ships with.

+1, would be a really helpful feature to have.

+1, I don’t often need it, but when I do, I need it very much.

+1 - This is a big gap in Miro functionality. Please give us this, Miro! Thanks!

I suggest adding a polygon fill with transparency. I realize others have made the same request, but I thought I’d ask again since nothing has happened in the past 2 years. The lack of this tool is creates a very noticable gap in the drawing set. I am am routinely forced to complete the most basic sketch diagrams in other programs and then import back into Miro, so creating in Miro becomes a routine hassle. Has anyone on the development team considered advancing this small but critical feature?

This is so necessary - do Miro see these posts? (serious question, not a dig)

I do a lot of sketching / mockups and this would save me a lot of time.