Dark Mode / Night Mode

Miro is fantastic on a massive screen. It’s like you can see, arrange and rearrange your mind in 2d. The bright background and colours work well for feeling energised, fresh, and productive early in the day. For those of us who get more done during the night, however, the brightness can feel glaring and have the opposite effect, causing fatigue, especially with extended use.

It feels like a godsend to night-owls that the software industry is finally recognising our needs with dark mode being added to everything. While the implementation would understandably be no small task, I, for one, would greatly benefit from dark mode being added to what has become a fantastic tool in my work and lifestyle.

Thank you for Miro, and the Wishlist,



For the love of all that is holy please make this a feature. I have been impressed with Miro’s features and design thus far, which is why I’m simply dumbstruck when I face the incredibly basic issue of background color. The worst thing is that they have considered the issue, and the “solution” is to just make a frame or image and scale it up. I just… I’m speechless. It zooms out to show the frame every time you accidentally click on the background too much. Considering all the integrations and features they have and how mindful they seem to be regarding basic design principles, it’s astounding that this somehow made it past a committee when a total of one widget and literally a couple lines of code would allow the background to change. 

Yes, please. Please add this feature. My eyes hurt. I am hyper sensitive to light and I use dark mode literally everywhere I can. The dark background trick works when it’s your own board that you’re watching, but you can’t do that on boards you can’t edit. This is not a solution, it’s a dirty workaround that barely works.

Please make that feature.

I’d love a dark mode so I don’t have to do some kludgey work-around or rely on a browser extension.

I am speechless Miro doesn’t have this, the insensitivity the Miro team shows for people with photophobia and fatigued eyes after years of requesting this feature is truly staggering. Passing on. 

When I first used Miro, I immediately looked for a dark mode option because of the bright UI blasting on my face. I’ve used many programs with dark mode and I was surprised this one hasn’t any. Considering people write and insert images on this program.

This is by far the most upvoted Idea in this thread and still, Miro hasn’t noticed it yet.

Not just my eyes bleed from the lack of dark mode, but so does my soul. Please before there is nothing left…..hotfix the bg color option, no one cares if things aren’t 100% just do something anything while there is still time….

Two years is a long time to wait for a feature like this. I am constantly avoiding Miro usage because of this issue. 


Frankly, I’m depressed and ashamed

Unfortunately, without a dark mode Miro no longer works for my teams or the others we work with. We’ll be letting our plans expire and finding an alternative.

@Mike Slivinski :

While users of the biggest online-web-board-tool are beggin and wishing over one year without getting any response competitors delivering this:



… pardon … beggin and wishing over two years …

Thats customer service 

Please for the love of God, do this

Can and does the Miro team see this post???

Are they aware how many people want this feature and how long we’ve been waiting for this? 😢

@Brian Fulghum - I agree, changing the background color of the board would be very helpful too. It would also be much easier to implement than a dark mode - it could also be a first step to a dark mode, and a way to learn and gather feedback.

Here's a wish list post idea for changing the board background color:



Pushing for my company to switch because of a lack of dark mode support.

Miro product owners, what would make you guys prioritize this feature?

I heard a rumour … there will be Dark Mode in Miro!

Dark mode pleaseeee 🙏🏼

As someone has mentioned above dark reader will apply to miro, it sits in your browser extension and can be turned on and off as you please

Dark Reader is not a solution. The way Miro is setup Dark Reader will invert all images as well. 

I've never heard of Dark Reader until now, but I would guess there would be a way to filter out object types by extension, e.g., .jpg.

I've never heard of Dark Reader until now, but I would guess there would be a way to filter out object types by extension, e.g., .jpg.

Dark reader is capable of doing that. However, as I stated it cannot do it with Miro because of the way Miro serves the content.

A really long time has passed and the most commented/viewed suggestion in the forum is not implemented yet? Come on guys!