Collapsible branches on the mind maps

To me, this is the most glaring of the missing features on MIRO right now.  This app keeps getting better and works seamlessly, but that one missing feature is really holding us back from going all-in.  


@Henrik Ståhl :

If you google “mindmapping tool” you find miro on the second place … so whos fault is it that this thought exists:
The users or miro who advertise miro as a mindmapping tool?

So miro advertises officially:
miro is a mindmapping tool … no matter what me or you write here

Someone decided: If you give in those two words you should find miro …

I totally agree with you: miro is no MindMapping tool just the same like MS Paint is not a Picture Editor …


The users who are not rude of the 753 users and the other ones who are reading they deserve an answer …

So you and me doing it again …

“ I wouldn't want to talk to all of these rude people if I was a Mironeer.”

argueing instead of giving miro the oppoortunity to answer to the not rude people and

Why should the not rude people dispense or wait for an answer … why let miro the unpolite and rude people so much power ???

OK so at this time there are 153 replies and 753 votes:

Let there be all of the replies be rude (what is not … but let them be) you’ve got 600 voted left that are not rude …

Is that fair:

Because of a rude minority miro doesn’t talk to all the other ones ???




@Henrik Ståhl :


@Lena Shenkarenko posted:

two years ago … 

“We’re researching how we can improve mind map right now :)

she introduced it with the words: In fact, it’s very timely ….


When it was really timely why never ever anybody of the mironeers said a single word about anything in this direction ...

And after this date no … no … not a single letter from any mironeer about this … only users

investing time …

wasting time ...

miro even has not the guts to close this discussion … to end all hope that collapable branches will be ever implemented in miro …




@mlanders It's pretty obvious you don't work with online marketing so let's just drop it, OK? 🙂

Again, those where my personal guesses. I'm just surprised that people are so upset about this. Also, let's not forget that Miro has millions of users. Over 30 million, in fact. 700+ upvotes on a community Wish List idea isn't very much when you put it in that kind of perspective.

@Henrik Ståhl : Again … You introduced “those where my … guesses”

Two miro enthusiasts argueing here …

You again summing up why miro did not answer …

… no official statement from them … two users investing their time

You again interpreted … millions of users …

… no official statement from them … two users investing their time

While two miro enthusiasts argueing … one simple thing is missing:

An official statement by a Mironeer … “it is very timely” … obvious not …


Miro decided not investing time in this … why do we?



@mlanders That's exactly my point. I don't understand why you continue to argue about this. Just move on already. 🙂

Like many have said before, not being able to collapse makes the mind map useless for our team

Please do this!!

@Gabriella Juchniewicz If you allow me to be the devil's advocate here: Are they really "useless" because you can't expand/collapse branches – or is your mindmapping process inadequate?

I'm only asking because more often than not when those arguments are used, the truth is that the alleged shortcomings of a particular tool is just a symptom of something else.

@Gabriella Juchniewicz If you allow me to be the devil's advocate here: Are they really "useless" because you can't expand/collapse branches – or is your mindmapping process inadequate?


@Henrik Ståhl : It's pretty obvious you never really Mindmapped so let's just drop it, OK?

Paraphrasing @Henrik Ståhl, I would say: Just because a tool that advertises it can accomplish a task does not have every feature of all similar tools, does not mean that it is not a tool at all.

@mlanders You're wrong – I've done a lot of mindmapping. It's not an exact science, you know. You can do mind maps in a multitude of ways. Did you know people did mind maps with pen and paper back in the days? Some of the earliest examples of mind maps were actually developed by Porphyry of Tyre – 1,700 years ago (he died in the year 305 AD).

I wonder if anyone ever deemed the paper mind maps “useless” because of the lack of collapsible branches… 😂

When 98% of all digital MindMapping tools MindMap with collapsible branches and few not …

what is wrong

  • all people that are used to handle this and to like to have it in their favorite tool
  • or those people that are questioning the people who are asking for it

Of course you can tell this 98 % of people who are using collapsible branches in their digital MindMapping tool to go back to good old paper …

Thats a solution👏 - the oscar goes to 🎉 @Henrik Ståhl 

@mlanders Where did you get that data? Have you manually used all mind mapping tools and tools that have mind mapping capabilities and gathered the data yourself? Just because you present an arbitrary percentage that's completely made up, it doesn't make your argument stronger you know.

Also, for the umpteenth time: Miro is not a “MindMapping [sic] tool.” But thanks for the oscar [sic], I've always wanted one. 😉

To be clear: I am not questioning people who’d like this feature in Miro. That's just an outright lie. I'd very much like this feature myself. 

I am questioning some people's rudeness, and some people's baseless claims that the lack of this particular feature renders Miro useless. That claim is drastic, melodramatic, and inaccurate.