Use of gmail email address for Consultant Plan

  • 16 October 2020
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I use my gmail as my business email address but the sign-up form will not let me use it as I try to subscribe for the consultant service.

3 replies

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@Dale Moore - This is strange to me as I am using my Gmail address as my primary address for my Consultant Plan. At what point if this failing for you? Do you already have a Miro account using your Gmail and are trying to upgrade a Free Plan to a Consultant Plan?

I just used one of my “junk email” Gmail addresses to go to in an incognito browser window (so I knew I was not signed in) and then:

  • I went to the Pricing page →
  • Scrolled down tot he Consultant Plan section and clicked on the Buy Consultant which links to this page →
  • I created my Miro account (which was now a brand new account with a Free Plan)
  • clicked on the Upgrade button → Working with clients (Consultant) and then Upgrade:
  • And then Miro was ready to take my money:

If those steps are not working for you, I’d suggest that you reach out to Miro Sales ASAP:

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@Dale Moore - I have just learned from another form user that they tried to use their Gmail address contact sales though the Contact Sales Linkin provided above and the form is not allowing Gmail addresses. Perhaps the support team can direct you to sales:

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Hi @Dale Moore -
PM from Miro here. We do allow purchases from any domains, so there must be a reason you cannot purchase in-app (an example would be you are logged in as an Enterprise plan member). Please address the issue to our Support team

As far as Contact Sales form is concerned, it is designated for Enterprise Sales and is not supposed to be used for self service purchase inquires.

Hope this helps,