Select tool doesn't work

  • 16 October 2020
  • 4 replies

Please help me with the main tool. I need to select several objects and, say, move them to another place. For that I need to switch a hand into an arrow. So I do it, switch a hand into an arrow. But when I want to select and move, the arrow changes into a hand! That is so annoying. What should I do? I didn’t change the settings. Everything was OK. Now it changes the way it wants. 

4 replies

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@Ekaterina Oleynikova - The cursor will move from arrow to hand if you are not clicking directly on an object. Example:


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@Ekaterina Oleynikova If you believe you will be moving or resizing those objects together several times, you might want to consider grouping them. Select them as Robert shows above and then type Ctrl+G or click on the context menu as shown here:


I think you just have to hold Shift down (on a laptop) in order to select multiple objects you want to move (or something else).

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@Miranda - Good catch! Yes, what @Brian Fulghum and I are doing in our GIF screen captures is we are holding down the Shift key first to use the Shift + drag shortcut to select multiple objects at once - just one of the many handy Shortcuts and Hotkeys in Miro. This works on Windows, macOS, the browser, desktop apps, etc. And on the Mobile app, you tap-and-hold and then drag.