Presentation mode navigation using arrow keys gone?

  • 12 May 2020
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I am quite convinced it used to be possible to navigate from frame to frame using the arrow keys when in presentation mode. Seems to not be possible now and you have to use the mouse.

Am I losing my mind or did this change recently?


Best answer by Rasmus Haas 29 June 2020, 21:41

Yes. I reported bug #159091 on may 13 and got a reply that it was fixed on june 5. It seems to work fine for me now.

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8 replies

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@Rasmus Haas -

I just did it on a Windows PC running Google Chrome in presentation mode.

When you are not in presentation mode, do the arrow keys enable you to move selected items or where you are on the canvas?


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Hi Kiron. It seems to work in Chrome on PC here as well. However not in the native app. But sounds like a bug which is good news :)

I submitted a bug report on this

I’m having the same problem (chrome on windows and the windows app). I swear it worked briefly this morning...

Arrow keys no longer allow navigate through frames. Arrow keys still work for moving objects when not on presentation mode.

The navigation UI usually hides after a while of inactivity. However with arrow keys not available, it keeps popping up each time i change frame, which obscures my content. This used to be a smooth process, hope the problem can be figured out soon!


I just went to another board to check arrow keys and they work! after going back to the initial board the arrow keys work there too!

I have the same problem on a Mac. 

  1. Presentation mode works with arrow keys in Safari
  2. But it does not work in the Mac App. Only click advances slides


I’m having the same problem as @Dharman too! Miro seems crazily buggy where things work one moment and then not the next! 

I often share my screen and then go into presentation mode to walk viewers through a presentation on my board. In the past, I could use both the presentation controls or the arrow keys in the frames explorer. 

Two weeks ago, screen sharing started disabling the presentation controls so I had to default to using the arrow keys but just now the keys have stopped working. 

@Kiron Bondale you reported the bug a month ago?! Did Miro ever reply??

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@Roxy -

it was actually @Rasmus Haas who submitted the bug so you he may be able to provide an update.


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Yes. I reported bug #159091 on may 13 and got a reply that it was fixed on june 5. It seems to work fine for me now.