Mind map troubleshooting

  • 15 May 2020
  • 6 replies

Out team worked for a couple of hours on a mind map, and then the nodes have created additional random leaders/tree lines to an arbitrary point on the whiteboard.

We are unable to select /delete whatever the thing is that the leaders are going to.

also some node have just lost their leader / connectors

6 replies

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Hi @Abbij!

The behavior looks quite unexpected and I’m truly sorry you’ve run into the issue with the Mind Map. We’ve converted your request into a Support ticket and we’ll be happy to investigate the issue further.

I just put together a mind map that was fine until I reopened it and it is missing connectors and two connectors loop into the centre and back out again.  Is there a way to correct this?

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Hi @Dave Meaker! Does your Activity list show any recent changes related to the Mind map? If there’re no such events and you cannot edit the Mind map, please report the issue to the Support team here

I am seeing the same issues that have been reported earlier. Two nodes have created additional random treelines in a couple mindmaps, rendering the work not presentable. I created a new board and built a new mindmap, but the random treelines showed up after a day when I restarted a session. Is there a way to salvage the mindmaps or would you recommend creating new ones?

Thank you

Hello, I’m having the same type of issue as Dave Meaker where two connectors appeared that link down to the middle of the center node and can’t be moved. All my other nodes and text seem frozen/uneditable. Clicking through the activity seems to only work sporadically then freezes and the whole canvas goes black until I reload the page.

I’ve tried loading it in both Chrome and Firefox and the issues are the same.


Thanks, John

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Hi @Kintan Brahmbhatt  and @John Langford!

It looks like there is an issue that causes unexpected behavior and our team is working on the fix. We apologize for the inconvenience! Please contact the Support team for assistance.