How many boards can you REALLY create and keep?

  • 23 September 2020
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I know that the paid plans include “unlimited” boards...but how many can really be made and stored in Miro? Can you have...1000? A few thousand? 

I’m re-tooling my work plan and was planning on trying to break a lot of big boards into lots of boards that only have a couple frames on them…

Has anyone made a couple thousand boards and had no issues? Or is that too crazy?

6 replies

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This reply started in error due to some glitchiness when using Chrome on my phone.

Since I can’t delete my reply, all I can add is that I believe it safe to assume that there are truly no technical/database restrictions to the number of boards that can be linked to a Miro account profile or team. The only thing I would be curious about is how the Miro interface would respond, e.g., is there pagination (or other mechanism) on the Miro dashboard once you reach a defined board count? Has anyone seen this? I only have about 30 boards in my main account.

@Ryan Wagner - How many do you have? Why don't you just get started with your board separations and let us all know if you encounter any issues? :wink:

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Thanks, @Robert Johnson. My use case is probably unique among Miro users, and I have referred to it in different ways on this forum before…

I’m using this platform as a way for a field crew to inspect utilities by marking up .pdfs. I have about 3,000 .pdfs spread across my county. I had been separating them into projects according to what town they are in, which works great until the mark-ups start piling up. At a certain point, sadly, the ipads they use can’t handle all the annotations and the app starts glitching (slowdown, toolbar disappears, white screen flashing...)

So my thought was: instead of separating every area into projects, I’ll just have one board per .pdf map. It will definitely create a lot of boards, but would eliminate the issues I was having.

Just wanted to see if it was do-able with Miro (i.e. having that many boards.) 

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@Ryan Wagner -

I think the bigger challenge you might face is locating and maintaining boards with that many as the dashboard won’t make it too easy to search for them. You would still likely want to use projects to segregate the boards by region within the county or some other logical way.


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@Kiron Bondale I agree. I did see the Wish List idea about creating folders within projects, which would be great. The search function may be a big help, and I added the Chrome extension for Miro searches, too.

I just don’t want to give up on using Miro at this point. Just trying to find the best way forward...

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@Ryan Wagner - Where you may even want to explore (depending on knowledge in your organization, budgets, etc.) using the Miro Developer Platform to create your own custom dashboard to manage your boards. I have not personal explored the developer platform at all and have no idea is this would even be possible. Just throwing it out there :slight_smile: 

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Hey @Ryan Wagner,

Your use case is probably quite unique, but interesting.

There are no technical limitation regarding the number of boards, but yes, you need to think how to structure all of them.

If you decide to go with this approach, I will be happy to hear your feedback about structuring thousands of boards in Miro.