How can I join a team from a board link?

  • 15 September 2020
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When clicking the link my colleague shared, I get sent to my dashboard with a notification at the top: “You have a pending request to join FRVR team.”
But there is no button or link or anything that I could use to accept this request. I cannot see this request anywhere else either. Nor can I access the shared board from the link.

3 replies

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 Hi @Sven Neumann - To confirm,

  • It sounds like your colleague is trying to invite you to the team called FRVR team.
  • If so, once you get to your Miro account, do you see the team listed on left of your screen in the vertical teams list?
    • If not, have you tried signing out, closing the browser completely, and signing back in?


It turned out they had to pay to add additional seats, so I was not actually invited yet. Which makes the notification even stranger. The notification did not appear when I logged in with incognito mode. So I’m guessing some bug related to faulty local storage data...

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Yeah, sounds like something was stuck in your cache. Someone most likely sent the invite and later rescinded it.