Guest editors - chat and presenting not working?

hi all - i have a consulting package, did a quick road test today and it appears that:

  1. when i hit present, it doesn’t change guest editors screens to watch the presentation, and
  2. although i have the chat function on the lower menu, the guest editors don’t, so effectively chat doesn’t work…

very grateful for any ideas!

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@John White -

When you are presenting, did you also share your screen? I just did a quick test with an anonymous guest editor and it worked fine - I first went into presentation mode, then screen shared and the guest editor was able to join the screen share and see my presentation.

The chat capability is likely not available by design as opposed to this being a bug. Perhaps @Lena Shenkarenko could confirm that as I didn’t see it explicitly excluded in the Help Center article for the capability?


Ah thanks Kiron! no i didn’t share my screen… that will be it :)