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Frequently asked questions to the Support Team

  • 2 March 2020
  • 3 replies

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Here is a quick recap of popular questions from our users and answers from our Support Team that you might be interested in :nerd:


1. How to reassign nodes on Mind Map?

  • You can move nodes with the hotkey: press Ctrl/Cmd and drag the nodes.

2. How to easily align content on my board?

  • The Grid option in frames is helpful for organizing objects and keeping them organized after adding new ones. Create a frame and enable grid in the board context menu. All objects in the frame will be arranged in a grid.
  • If you don't use frames on your boards, simply select the objects that you'd like to align while holding down Shift and choose the Align option in the context menu. The objects will be aligned horizontally/vertically depending on your choice.

3. I accidentally move and edit objects on my board when I just want to pan around the board. How to avoid that?

  • Simply hold down the Space button to pan around the board. You can also lock objects - the objects won't be available for editing until someone unlocks them.

4. How to link an object to another object on the board?

  • Copy the URL of the object you'd like to link via the context menu. Then choose Link to in the context menu of another object and paste the URL. By clicking the link icon you'll easily jump to the linked widget.

5. How to import data from a spreasheet to my board?

  • Simply copy the cells and paste them on the board using the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + V. Each cell will be imported as a separate sticky note. You'll then be able to convert the stickies into other widgets (cards, shapes, etc.)

3 replies

The Grid is a beta feature that requires a request to support to activate.

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Hey @Miguel Rivera! Thanks for mentioning this:thumbsup_tone2:  You are right, our new Grid feature is in beta yet.

However, here in the post we meant the grid in frames:


Does it help?

@Marina is it possible to use the frame’s “grid” feature for organizing grouped objects like a board with many sticky notes?

Currently, it doesn’t look like the case, but I thought I saw a video of this happening. The video showed a frame for old boards and the narrator dragging boards over to this frame and them organizing.