Our offerings for NPOs, educational institutions, and students

We want to let you know about expanded offerings we have to support schools, students, and nonprofit organizations (NPOs).

Miro for Education

  • STUDENTS: Education plan, free for 2 years
  • FACULTY: Education plan free, forever (available to public and private institutions, K-12 and higher education)
  • An Enterprise plan is available for education at a 50% discount, forever

Fill out this form to sign up for the Education plan. 
Read FAQs on our Help Center.

Miro for Nonprofits

  • NPOS get a 30% discount on any paid plan (Team, Business, Consultant, or Enterprise). The Free forever plan is also available to anyone and includes unlimited team members and unlimited boards.
  • In addition, for all organizations working on Coronavirus-related relief efforts, we’re extending the Education plan free for 1 year.

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Read the FAQs on our Help Center.

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Hi @Valentina Krylova,
Thanks for notifying me. I checked and believe you should now have gotten a positive response. Please let me know if not and I'll look into it.

Hi @Zain , I can't find your request in our systems, so I will DM you to get more information.

Best regards,

Hi Steven,

thank you so much I have received the grant!! Thank you so much from my students too!:pray_tone1:

i’d like to leave reviews for you to promote miro if you tell me where I can do that.

Best to you,


My account has upgraded,
Im very grateful
thank you all so much

HI Steven,

could you tell me what kind of document I have to provide for the Accreditation of my University?
I am working as a Research Associate at the Chair of Industrial Design Engineering in Dresden and we would love to use miro with our students.

Kind Regards,

Hi @Mugdha ,
We are processing a large amount of requests, so we aim to have your request done within ten days. But of course strive to have it done earlier.

Best regards


Hi @Alain Chiu we do make case-by-case exceptions for institutions outside of the US that might fall under comparable accreditations.


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@Gunter Wehmeyer a screenshot will work 👌

Hi @TommyMac ,
Thanks for getting in touch. Let me try find your request in our systems and determine the status to get you back online. We will reply to you there. In case we can't find it I'll be in touch through a DM shortly.

Best regards,



Where can I apply my Student Discount on the website?

Dear @Marina 

I would like to apply for a free 2 year student account for my PhD Design research, studying at the Manchester School of Art (UK). However I dont have the following information at hand which I assume is only valid for US students:

"Determination letter from the IRS showing your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (US) or a letter from your institution's central administrator or any other confirmation, up to 20 MB."

I have looked at other threads saying that I need to upload a document confirming the accreditation of my institution, but what does that actually mean and where should I get this from?

Thanks for any guidance and help,


Hi, I have applied for the Education plan and I received an email with links for employment status and NPO Verification on HubSpot and when i opened the links i got this“ You don't have access to this account.”.
can anyone tell me what to do ?

HI Steven,

could you tell me what kind of document I have to provide for the Accreditation of my University?
I am working as a Research Associate at the Chair of Industrial Design Engineering in Dresden and we would love to use miro with our students.

Kind Regards,

Hi @Lenard Opeskin 

I have exactly the same question applying for a free student account (doing my PhD by Design at the Manchester School of Art): What did you found out what that accreditation document is and where to get one?

Steven - Sorry for contacting you this way, but I work for an IT Government Contractor and am desperately trying to reach someone for an urgent quote for my Federal Government customer.  I’ve filled out multiple contact forms, called your main US phone number and left several messages, reached out by Facebook and sent emails to both sales@miro.com and Support@miro.com and have received NO response.  Can someone please help me???

Hi @CCoray ,

We have been experiencing a high volume of requests lately, apologies it could take a while to get back to you.

Let me follow-up in a private message with you to get more information.



I work as a teacher in a center for continuing education of children. I filed to upgrade for an Education Plan. But maybe my organization does not fit the requirements and in vain I'm waiting for a response to the request?

Hi, I have applied for the Education plan but have not heard back from the team. I was wondering about how much time does it take for the response. Also, what document is to be provided for University Accreditation while we are applying for it as I am not sure of the document I may have shared would be the correct one.


Deals are available at https://www.vouchers4u.com/ including Student Discounts.

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Hi @Gunter Wehmeyer 
As I see from the quick research, Manchester School of Art is now part of Manchester Metropolitan University. While Manchester Metropolitan University is listed as one of the Recognised bodies of higher learning institutions that can award degrees.
Feel free to attach this description to your application.

Thanks @Natalie Nedre for your reply. The form asks for a file to attach, while this would be only a link.

Do I need to turn that link into a pdf to attach to the form?


Hi Miro team,

I know that you are very busy at this moment, but the Education Plan of our school has expired after one year of use apparently. I didn’t know I had to renew the plan since it said that it would be free forever. Me and my students can’t have access to our ongoing courses on our boards since the account is locked. I have filled the form again to renew the plan but not anwser at this time. We are completely blocked. Could you do something for us, please? We love Miro! It’s such a nice tool!

Thanks if you can help,

Gil Filiot

Hi @Gil Filiot ,
Thanks for reaching out; we found your request. We will reply in the thread to get you back online shortly.
Best regards,

Hi, I had applied for an Educational plan a few days ago and haven't heard back yet. I was wondering how long it would take. Thanks.

Thank you so much for this collaborative website service. I’ve submitted my form for the edu plan. Looking forward to jump right into collaboration in class.

My request was granted. Thank you!

Does the offer only apply to institutions within the US? If it “Must be a qualifying educational institution under 20 CFR § 411.167;” then it appears so..