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Hi Steven,

thank you so much I have received the grant!! Thank you so much from my students too!:pray_tone1:

i’d like to leave reviews for you to promote miro if you tell me where I can do that.

Best to you,


Hi @Gil Filiot ,
Thanks for reaching out; we found your request. We will reply in the thread to get you back online shortly.
Best regards,

Hi Miro team,

I know that you are very busy at this moment, but the Education Plan of our school has expired after one year of use apparently. I didn’t know I had to renew the plan since it said that it would be free forever. Me and my students can’t have access to our ongoing courses on our boards since the account is locked. I have filled the form again to renew the plan but not anwser at this time. We are completely blocked. Could you do something for us, please? We love Miro! It’s such a nice tool!

Thanks if you can help,

Gil Filiot

Hi @CCoray ,

We have been experiencing a high volume of requests lately, apologies it could take a while to get back to you.

Let me follow-up in a private message with you to get more information.



Steven - Sorry for contacting you this way, but I work for an IT Government Contractor and am desperately trying to reach someone for an urgent quote for my Federal Government customer.  I’ve filled out multiple contact forms, called your main US phone number and left several messages, reached out by Facebook and sent emails to both sales@miro.com and Support@miro.com and have received NO response.  Can someone please help me???