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Miro Online Community: 10,000 members and counting 🚀

  • 12 February 2021
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Miro Online Community: 10,000 members and counting 🚀
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Well, it’s never too late to share a great blog post, right? :smile:

Today we are almost 12k community members, but this post is devoted to our first incredible milestone - 10,000 people in the online community! Learn what our inspiring members have accomplished and how joining our community can benefit you.

:arrow_right:  Read the blog post


Kudos to our online community leaders for your inputs :hugging:


@Martina Crnkovic

@Isman Tanuri

@Kiron Bondale

@Robert Johnson


:revolving_hearts:  And thank you to all of our community members for contributing your time and expertise. It has been so exciting watching our community grow and thrive. Let’s keep growing together!

5 replies

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Hi @Marina 

That’s a great achievement! Congrats Miro Online Community!


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Congrats, community! :hugging:

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Congrats to you @Marina and the whole community :clap:

Without you any your never endig

  • support :key:
  • stories :newspaper:
  • examples :bulb::dizzy:
  • questions :question:

this milestone never would have been possible.

Thank you all! :hugging::clap:

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Thanks @Marina to you and the rest of the Mironeers for helping to support this vibrant community!


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This is the best online community forum I have ever been a member of! You’re all ROCK STARS :metal::sunglasses:  :raised_hands: