Love Miro? You might be a fit for MiroX status!

  • 14 October 2021
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What is MiroX?


MiroX is an elite status for Miro’s biggest fans and most enthusiastic community members, who light up at the chance to connect with the Miro community’s best and brightest. If you belong to an existing Miro program and/or you’re excited to continue building your relationship with the Miro community, then we encourage you to apply! 


MiroX is in its early stages! If accepted, you'll join the MiroX Beta, which will run through early 2022. As a Beta participant, you'll have the opportunity to shape the program with us and we're so excited to hear your ideas. 


I already belong to a Miro program. Should I keep reading? Absolutely! If you belong to an existing Miro program, we encourage you to apply! *Already a VMUG community leader? The VMUG program will now turn into MiroX and you’ll automatically be given MiroX status. Stay tuned for more info from Miro’s community team.


Why you’ll love being MiroX


MiroX status will elevate you professionally, give you exclusive opportunities to connect and create, and show the world that Miro is with you. You’ll love expanding your network with the talented members of this community, getting access to Miro insiders and exclusive events, and having a whole lot of fun in the process!


Connect & partner with an incredible MiroX network

MiroX includes a global community of passionate, talented people who are excited to connect with you, exchange ideas, and collaborate on personal and professional opportunities. Miro will encourage and facilitate networking for all MiroX’ers. 


Exclusive opportunities to learn & create

MiroX opens doors and provides resources so you can share your creativity with the world, whether through template creations, events, or otherwise. It also provides unique chances to learn from Miro and the unique knowledge of fellow MiroX’ers.


Miro has your back

Having MiroX status brings you into the inner circle. You’ll be first in line to speak at Miro events & given the possibility that Miro will promote your MiroX creations to the massive community of Miro users. 


Not just another community - you get to make MiroX your own

MiroX is designed to be collaborative and iterative. We intend to create a MiroX experience that you love & that lasts. Come create MiroX with us.


What you’ll do


More of what you enjoy! MiroX is not about requirements - it’s about celebrating what you already enjoy doing.


MiroX’ers are invited to:

  • Talk about Miro & Miro community events on social media

  • Host events and lead event chapters

  • Create Miroverse templates

  • Post in the community forum

  • Participate in a case study

  • Build a Miro integration

  • Attend a fantastic, exclusive quarterly event

  • Host exclusive events with other MiroX’ers

  • And more…


How to apply


Applying is easy! Just answer a few questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. That’s right, we will get back to you! 


Submit your application here



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5 replies

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Great to see a formal “teaser” of the program, @Alexis Luscutoff !


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Love your energy, @Kiron Bondale

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@Marina & @Alexis Luscutoff - Do those of us who were in the late-September alpha workshops still need to apply or are we MiroX-people already?

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Love this! I just applied! Thanks @Marina for the tip! 🤞

@Robert Johnson, great question! You are right, those who attended that alpha workshop, you are in MiroX already. But it’s fine if you also fill out the application - would be nice to still read your replies to those questions to get a full picture :slight_smile: