Don’t miss the revamped community structure!

  • 18 August 2021
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Hello :wave_tone2:

It’s a quick heads-up from the Miro Community Team about our community ecosystem.

Community is a core commitment for Miro for the next few years. And we are on a mission to create a safe and engaging environment for all our users to connect, co-create, share best practices, and become more successful with Miro.

With that in mind, we have changed the online community structure and layout to inspire increased connection and make it even easier for you to get involved. We hope that it will get you closer to the conversations and fellow community members who will help you do amazing things with Miro :rocket:

While the support forum and Wish List will still be around, from the management perspective we are excited to inject new energy into more connections and conversations that inspire you to do the next big thing with Miro!

Please welcome the brand new Mastering Miro category with:


Apart from that, we are updating our events page to inspire more discussion around use cases. Learn more in @Natalie Larino’s post Introducing our new User Group Chapters! 


And now let’s test how the new structure works!

Please create a post in any of the new categories, and add a link to your post here in the thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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