2021: A Miroverse filled with marvelous things

  • 15 December 2021
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2021: A Miroverse filled with marvelous things
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Hi Miro Community :heart_eyes:


When we launched Miroverse in 2020, we hoped you’d like it and use it. But you’ve gone above and beyond — creating so many new templates, developing big new ideas, and sharing them with our whole growing community.

We’re grateful for all your creativity and contribution to our community. Now let’s look at this year’s highlights! :heartpulse:


See the Best of 2021 templates :round_pushpin:


Templates that took off this year :chart_with_upwards_trend:


New templates deeply enhance the Miro experience, for our community members and for our users all over the world. Here are the ones the Miroverse loved most in 2021.

  • Most Used: Sailboat Retrospective — Agile Coach @Johanna Torstensson gives teams a fun, easy, productive way to look back at sprints and identify what went well and what needs to improve.

  • Most Viewed: The Check-In Icebreaker — Toasty helps remote teams get warmed up and communicate how they feel before a meeting starts — to improve participation and communication.

  • Most Liked: Emotions Wheel Icebreaker — Miro’s @Anya Dvornikova helps unite our global teams at meetings (and heighten our self-awareness) by posing a single question: How do you feel?


I love sharing my favorite agile processes on Miroverse, as open source communities help me improve my creations and communication skills even further. It's an amazing place to learn from others and share my own best creation ideas! 

Johanna Torstensson, Agile Coach


Big moments beyond Miroverse :boom:


  • Distributed 2021: October 19 -21 — Our annual virtual conference gave collaborators from all over the world a chance to reconnect — and it included workshops from Miroverse Creators. Watch some of the sessions below. Get all the insights from Day 1 | Explore the sessions from Day 2

  • Article: Reflecting on a year of Miroverse — This May 2021 article celebrated Miroverse’s one-year milestone by interviewing three members of the founding team — @Kristin@Mariam Danielian, and @Nik Pashkov.

  • New Product: Likes, Views, and Copies — In 2021, we gave you new ways to see how your template is performing (with 👀 Views and ➕ Copies) and a new way to show appreciation to other Creators (with ❤️ Likes).

  • Creator Spotlight Event: Richard Kasperowski — On October 5, @Richard Kasperowski walked through how his Lean Coffee Template helps run meetings and workshops in a way that’s powerful and productive, not to mention innovative and wonderfully unorthodox. Watch the event


Tell us what you want to see in 2022:bulb:


You made this such an exciting year for Miroverse, full of creativity, collaboration, and growth. We want 2022 to be even bigger, and we’d love for you to help us make that happen.

What do you want to see more of next year? How can we make Miroverse even more inspiring? Share your thoughts in the comments below. :dizzy:

9 replies

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I’m so proud of everyone who has been brave and bold enough to put their work and ideas out there for the whole of Miroverse to try themselves. :heartpulse::heart_eyes:

Each of the incredible templates that our community made this year show endless potential and pave the way for others to meet challenges in extraordinary ways. And honestly, the frameworks and workflows you’ve shared have an uplifting ripple effect: Your creative vision inspires and empowers others to do their best work, making the world of collaboration luminous with possibility.

So thank you for making our community a luminous, inspiring place this year.

Thank you to each and every one of you and I’m sure I’m going to miss a few people but please tag them in the comments… Here’s I go… Thank you to...
@Agile Games With James @Alexander van Riesen @Alice Casiraghi @Ana Bender @Anastasiia Kondratieva @Andrea Panzavolta @Andrea Weissenbuehler @Annie @Antoine Peze @Artem Shein @Azucena Villamor Hernandez @Barbara Sedlack @Bart Bongers @Brandon Zhou @Brett Adam @Britta Ollrogge @Cate Amery @Chirag Jhala @Choy Weston @Clyde D'Souza @Cozy Juicy Real @Cyril Renault @Daniel Wirtz @Danny Carvajal @Darwin ANTIPOLO @Dave de Lange @David Latham @David Read @Deanna Gilbert @design @DWestgarth @Eileen Kennedy @Ellen Hermens @ErnestoBarron @Frankie Kok @Freddie @GuillaumeL @Henry Burnett @Huub Edelman @imogenmiro @Isman Tanuri @its.eric @Jen Fox @Jeremy Jodeau @Jesh macDonald @Johan @John Norcross  @Jonathan White @Jose Berengueres @Joshua William Davies @Julia Jackson @Justin Mertes @Kasia Malkiewicz @Kees Froeling @Kenbra @Kim Roth Howe @Kiron Bondale @Lauren Raouf @Luke Machowski @Maja Voje @Maria Gibbs @Maria Piera Mattioli @Mark Glenn @Markus Blatt @MartinaBonetti @Maru Latournerie @Mats Kempe @Matt Fangman @Matt Stocker @Maximilian Schneider-Ludorff @Megan Carson @mhl66 @Michael Britt @Michelle Murphy@Miquel Rodriguez  @mlanders @Mona Gabr @Monalisa Labrador @Neha @Nick Davis @Nick Tune @Nina Torr @Nuno Silva Pereira @Oguz @Ömer Berk Yüksel @Pau Todó @pedro segreto @razburciu @Reid Thomas @rico @Robert Johnson @Ruslan Kildeev @Said Saddouk @sailee @Sander @Sara Parra Aguirre @Sarah Jückmann @Shaun Sheehan@Shoko Strang @Shreyas Gavit @Stefano Mastrogiacomo @Steven Sampson-Jones @Teo @Tess Dixon @The Virtual Agile Coach @Thomas Gläser @Todd Rice @Tom Verbist @Tricia Conyers @Xenia Zürn @Zeke Condon 

You’re all stars! :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy: Miroverse wouldn’t be the amazing inspiring space that it is today without you. So I hope you get as much joy out of it as I do and I hope to see you all back again next year. Onward to 2022!

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Thank you @Kristin We of neueBeratung wish you all a Merry Christmas!


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Thanks @Kristin. And to all ... 


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Thanks @Kristin! And thanks everyone who contributes - I personally appreciate Miroverse. Ours is due a major update – apologies for that! :heart:

Wishing you all a wonderful end of year… and an awesome new year!

And to continue the current flow… :wink:


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Extra thank you’s to a few of those I missed in the previous message. 
@Alice Jakins @Anastasiia Kuchynska @Boyan Angelov @Daria Rudnik @David @Indra Kusuma @Kim White @Martyn Reding @Masha @Mimi @Ryan Lundy 

And to our Mironeers as well for sharing a peak behind the curtain. 
@Himali Tadwalkar @Joanna @Juliana @Jeremy Green @Iris @Anya @Lindsey Meredith @farbodsaraf @Anna Boyarkina @Dorothy Mankey @Rachel Nagrecha @Olena Avramenko @Mariam Danielian @Casey Marshall @Frank Krieger @Jen Clark @Madison Tucker @Shipra Kayan 


Thank you!

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Miro is an amazing product.


I am grateful for the Miroverse and the community you have created! 

I am also very grateful for the new Miro Hero status! 

Keep up the good work!


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Always happy to be part of growing Miro Community.


Great product + community contribution = Impactful vision


Thanks for being most reliable product on remote learning/working era. Also agreed with James, facilitating community participatory with Miroverse and Miro Hero status are definitely great gesture from Miro, really appreciate it.


Thank you for having me on the great wave, 2021 is wonderful year for Miro! :clap:

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Thanks for the shout out, @Kristin! And thanks to everyone else who contributes to Miroverse - some really amazing templates available out there and makes life so much easier when you need one of those. Champions!