EMEA V-MUG04: Working remotely, successfully | Recap

  • 27 March 2020
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Hey everyone! Brittni here to give you a short recap of yesterday’s EMEA V-MUG


I know all of us are figuring out the best ways to work remotely these days and so lucky for us we had the amazing Lisette Southerland author of Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely — Successfully — for Individuals, Teams, and Managers give us some pointers. We learned how to set boundaries, the current state of remote work and the future of remote work.  We also got to participate in a breakout room session and use Miro’s awesome voting feature. 


Check out the video recording! 







Here are some questions from the V-MUG. Feel free to chime in! 

Which virtual office tools would you recommend?

What virtual team building activities interest you?


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Biggest learnings:

  • when someone is remote, make the entire meeting remote. Everyone should have the same handicap.
  • turn the video on.
  • as a presenter / facilitator keep your face on the screen because it retains attention. If I have to record my screen, I use Loom which shares my screen and keeps my noggin’ in there, too.
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I loved to see the tools in action:

Voting and how every event you start at miro is good organized by the worldmap, to give an icebreaker and at the end to give feedback to the person who is invited as a guest.

To me it was so perfect  that i ordered her book at the end of this event.

Thank you everyone at miro who is involved in organizing this. :clap::clap:


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Great that you brought Lisette in. I took her training and that completely changed the way I work remotely. I teach her practices to all my clients.

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@Rico Trevisan I loved learning from her yesterday! It was a great experience. What’re some of the best practices you’ve learned from her? What do your clients respond to?