A-Miro-Zing Race II - Bigger, Better, Bolder!

  • 26 February 2021
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Remember the classic TV show, Amazing Race? Ever wanted to be a part of it?


Now you can and in Miro, of course!

Last November, @NurulFathiyah created and delivered the A-Miro-Zing Race experience during an APAC Miro User Group event. It was a great success! @Joshua William Davies and I decided that, as with any savvy TV executives will tell you, “Let’s do a bigger LIVE re-run!”

So here’s your opportunity to join this race, this 11 March. It’s going to be bigger and bolder as we have invited collaborators from around the world to contribute a piece of their own unique Miro experience to make up the puzzles and race challenges. It’s not a walk in a park, for sure.

If you’re ready to have fun, laughter, and explore more Miro possibilities, register for the event now!





3 replies

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And here is how it went:

Last Thursday at the APAC Miro group, Nurul Fathiyah Muen lead us through an incredible revised and updated A-Miro-Zing race (a virtual collaborative group challenge based on Miro boards). We tried to capture a sense of the energy in the video here: https://lnkd.in/gER4EQY.

If you do facilitation definitely check out the board for ideas to play & experiment with: https://lnkd.in/gAzRwJ9

This round was built by many, with pieces on the board from Ridhwan YusoffAnnie MacLeodRobert KienzleIsman TanuriCozy Juicy RealHUED | هيود & many more in the Miroverse: https://lnkd.in/g9vr5us

Want to explore a great source for SVG images to use in Miro boards? Try: https://www.svgrepo.com/ (Thanks Mike Taylor for sharing that!)

Want to try your hand at the isometric Miro boards of HUED? Give it a go with my favorite isometric generator at: https://icograms.com/

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So excited to see what you’ve created!  The last board was amazing!!

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@Annie I am looking forward to @NurulFathiyah and @Joshua William Davies’s collab for round 2 too!