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Educator Meetup?

  • 15 October 2020
  • 2 replies

I loved the conference this week but was hoping for a bit more connection with educators and think it would be great to have a meetup where everyone can share ideas and practices. Would people be interested in this? What questions/discussion topics would be good? Even if we can’t find a time that works for everyone we can start up a shared board with topics for people to contribute to. 

2 replies

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Great idea @Matt Armstrong 
Added the board to start collecting ideas!

Feel free to contribute as well.


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Thanks, Natalie :heart_eyes:

Hey @David Latham @avdenisova @Chirag Jhala @Mr Naylor @Michael Szczepanik @Karsten Morisse @Max Harper @Rico Trevisan @Kelly Cray @Peter Tosto @Olivier Gaume and others, come join us :blush: