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  • 19 July 2021
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Hi everyone!

:rocket: We’ve launched a new Education category in the templates gallery!
Right now there’re only 4 pre-made templates: Lesson plan, Syllabus, Class Reflection, Portfolio. You can add them to your boards and customize or keep using as is.


That’s just the beginning.

Use this thread to share other templates ideas and add :thumbsup: to the most wanted ones (feel free to add visuals or hyperlinks, so we better understand what do you mean).

1 reply

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Student Study Board


Hi everyone, I’m looking for feedback on a board designed as a template for students in Higher Education to prepare work for assessments on modules. The idea is that you use these headings to add pdfs, google docs, concept maps, etc. It’s for visual learners who like to spread their materials out but also incorporates links to Moodle, Gdrive, Onedrive, email, etc along with a small planner. It’s based on a board I designed for myself to complete my final projects for a teacher training postgrad this year.

I used Procreate to make the headings as I use another app called Notability on the ipad for notetaking and quite like the idea of using handwriting to emulate a notebook. All the image files are named appropriately for screen readers. 

Do you think it’s too much? Is it missing something? Any help greatly appreciated.