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  • 7 May 2021
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I’m teaching a group of students in online facilitation for big meetings and teaching online. I have invited the students to a ‘learning board’ where w share slides, exerceises etc. throughout the learning journey.


In order for the students to get time to exercise, I wan’t them to create their own board and here I when it get confusing...I assumed that eveyone using Miro had three free boards but when the students start creating the boards, they are all connected to the learning team and not their private team. I have asked the students to create their own private ‘exercise team’. The problem is that the get promted to upgrade to a paid version of Miro? Are you only allowed one team under the free version. How can my student group of 20 students practice their skills when they are connected to my team?



1 reply

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@Martin Dahlbeck - While every Miro account profile is allowed to have its own Free Plan team, unfortunately, once you are a member of one--whether you created the team or not--you cannot create your "own" Free Plan team.

Any of your students that are only a member of one team in Miro , i.e., they only see your team when they sign in to their Miro account (the teams you are a member of appear in the very left, vertical bar, above the  "Add teams" (+) symbol), will need to leave/or be deleted from your team. Once this happens, Miro will prompt them to create their own Free Plan team. Once they have done this, you can add them back to your team. And they could add you to their team, if you need to work on their boards with them.

Here is a post where I outlined very similar steps on how to do all of this:


Moving forward, you should ask your students who do not already have a Miro account to go to miro.com/signup, create a new account (and NOT join any teams they may be presented with as options during the process!) and then add them to your team. 

Here's a screenshot of what I recommend new users do not do during the signup process, I'd they want to have their own Free Plan team: