Educational license for professional support work

  • 18 November 2022
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I work for a Higher Education institution where we have a lot of interest in using Miro within the context of professional support services (e.g. scrum teams, UX/UI designers). All the work supports the delivery of education to students, but it doesn’t directly involve teaching activities.


I wanted to confirm if the Education license can be used for this purpose? Looking at the Terms and Conditions of the license it does refer to it being available to ‘staff members’ of educational institutions, but I wanted to confirm this before we start using Miro within professional services teams.


Many thanks

1 reply

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Hi there!
Thanks for your interest in using Miro for your teams!
You can apply for the Education license and the account managers will review you application.

However for staff members working on sensitive organization information a discounted enterprise plan might be a better fit as it provides advanced security features and admin controls. If that’s what you need - please contact our sales team to get the EDU discount.