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Miroverse Challenge: Team Connection ​​​​🤝

  • 16 November 2021
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Miroverse Challenge: Team Connection ​​​​🤝
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Hi Miro Heroes :heart_eyes:,  


A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up our annual Distributed conference. Amazing energy and so many inspiring, creative, and fun sessions!:tada:

Apart from learning a lot, meeting new people, and feeling fortunate to be part of the process, our team definitely felt more connected than ever. Teamwork has always been at the heart of everything we do here at Miro, and Distributed 2021 made us once again reflect on how important meaningful and supportive team connections are. As we say, “play as a team to win the world!” :pray:

Inspired by all the new knowledge, we decided to learn even more, this time from our amazing Miro community members. Today, we’re kicking off a special edition of the Miro templates contest, called Miroverse Challenge: Team Connection :purple_heart:This contest is all about reflection and learning. How do you make sure your team members feel connected, supported, and happy? What are the Miro tools you use?


In this special edition we will have 3 award categories 🏆:

  • Icebreakers :man_dancing_tone3:

  • Meetings :bulb:

  • Team building :raised_hands:


To get inspired, you can check out the Distributed Day 1 and Day 2 recordings and resources.


More Challenge Details


:calendar: Timing ​​​​​​

  • Submission period: November 16-December 15

  • Voting and judging: December 16-21

  • Winners announced: December 22

 :ballot_box:  Voting and judging

  • Judges' Choice will be awarded by our panel of expert judges. Submissions will be judged on their ease of use, layout, and that special fun factor.

  • People’s Choice will be awarded based on top likes under the comment here in the online community. Make sure to vote for your favorite template by December 21, 23:59 CET . ☝️

:gift:  Prizes for each category

  • Judges’ Choice: iPad, exclusive Miro-branded cover, and an Apple Pencil 

  • People’s Choice: AirPods and exclusive Miro-branded case

  • Miro swag will be awarded to all other participants who will get published on Miroverse :sunglasses:  

  • Winners will be featured on Miroverse and will have an opportunity to present their templates at a dedicated Miro event on Linkedin Live to our audience!


How to participate


:pencil:  To enter, please add a comment to this thread with the following details:

  • Your full name

  • Role and company

  • Mention category: icebreakers, meetings, or team building

  • Miro board embedded with your template (with view access)

  • Instructions on how to use the template

  • Optional: 1-3 minute video overview of your template

:warning:  Entry requirements

  • Your template must be in English, and have been created and designed using Miro.

  • All information must belong to the board owner (We will reject all submissions containing copyright-protected content on board.)

  • Your template must be submitted to Miroverse before the challenge deadline.

  • Optional: share your board on LinkedIn with #Miro @Miro mentioning that you’re taking part in the challenge. Feel free to add an image or a video.

  • By participating in the challenge, you agree that your submission may be published and used for promotional activities by Miro.



  • Community Guest Judge for the Icebreaker category: Facilitator Schoolan education platform around the topic of online facilitation. They are one of our Miro Experts and teach professionals to be better facilitators through cohort-based courses, custom Miro templates and by curating facilitation resources. 

    See Facilitator School’s Character Mix&Match Icebreaker on Miroverse

  • Community Guest Judge for the Meetings category: Hyper Islanda global learning provider with a school and consulting services that enables individuals and organisations to see, understand and act upon the opportunities created by digital and technological evolution.

    See Hyper Island’s templates on Miroverse

  • Community Guest Judge for the team Building category: @Stefano Mastrogiacomo teamwork coach, project mgmt professor and author. He’s the designer of team tools like the Team Alignment Map, the Team Contract, the Fact Finder and the Nonviolent Requests Guide.

    See Stefano’s templates on Miroverse

  • Miroverse team judge: Mariam Danielian manages the content production for Miro templates and oversees publications for the Miroverse templates library. She is inspired by the creativity of Miro users who turn an empty canvas into a universe of their own creation, and she’s passionate about sharing their work with others. 



Happy collaborating and good luck!  :rocket::heart_eyes:


8 replies

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I love this! Very simple and well laid out!

I also love that we are the ones voting on the people’s choice! Great call on involving the community!

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I’m in :clown:

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Can’t wait! 

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  • Your template must be in English.


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Hi @Christophe GESCHÉ Indeed, we only accept templates in English at the moment. If you already have a template, would you be interested in translating it into English? That would be great :grinning:

Team Building Level 1-1

Val Gaudreault - Chief Inspiration Officer @ the Canada School of Public Services

Instructions are at the start view.


Exciting! I will definitely join.

Is there a limit of how many templates you can submit for the competition?