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  • 4 September 2021
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🌟Let us know if you have questions about Distributed 2021 and we’ll be happy to help!

Haven’t registered for the event yet? Reserve your spot here!

26 replies

Hello! I don’t seem to be able to find the invite link this year, can you share please.

I can not find any link to register

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Hi @Tina Saul and @Consuelo Aurora Cáceda Córdova - the registration has just launched, please reserve your spot here!

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@Tina Saul and @Consuelo Aurora Cáceda Córdova So glad you’ll be there! :sunglasses:

Buenos Días, el evento “Distributed 2021”, también será difundido en Español? con traducción de expositores y Material de difusión?.

Estaré atento a su respuesta, Saludos.-

Thank you, see you there :thumbsup:

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@Moises R. Torres Chive The program is delivered in English, but we are working on subtitles and translations in Spanish. 

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Are there any more details that can be revealed on the collaboration with Google Workspace that was announced recently? I can’t wait to see how these platforms integrate with each other! :sunglasses:


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Hi @Mishal - we will have a Partner Integrations session on Day 2 of the program. We have not released the agenda just yet but wanted to give you the inside scoop. See you there! 

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thank you - look forward to it @Colleen Curtis 

How do I join the EMEA: October 20–21, 9am–2pm CEST event?

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Hi @Shivanand Reddy Yerva - so glad you can make it! 

You’ll simply login the morning of the 20th and have access to the program. 

Please register here and reserve your spot:

You’ll be sent access details. 


See you there! 

Already registered to the main event, but should I register additionally for the workshops?

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@Brenda García yay! Excited you’ll be there. Nope, you do not need to pre-register for the workshops, you’ll just join at the scheduled day/time, your RSVP gives you access to both days :) 



Is this going to be recorded so we can access the content later?  I can’t attend all of it but there’s definitely some that I don’t want to miss.  

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@Christine Chiarottino yes, all recordings will be made available after the event (except Priya Parker, which is live only). See you there! 

Hello - are the AMER and EMEA conferences the same content or different content? Thanks 

looking forward to this. I really appreciate the global reach of this - however, am very confused about the times displayed on the schedules- there are now time zones indicated so am unsure if they've been automatically linked to my location through an IP address (because when I add to my calendar it shows as my local time) or if they are indicated to the AMER / EMEA / EPAC indication of the event - Has anyone made sense of this?

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@peter martin hi Peter! The times shown are in your local timezone 🙂 So I am currently in ET (US) and so all of the sessions on October 19th start for me at 11am ET. The schedule within Hopin is the best destination to plan your own personal agenda for the day, and will show in your timezone. The starting times listed are just to give an approximation...sessions are listed in local times to participants. I hope this helps! 


Please let us know how we can help!

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@SarahNT Hi Sarah! The Main Stage Sessions that kick-off October 19th 8am PT (US-time) will replay on October 20th for EMEA audiences to be able to engage with (as you wish!). The interactive sessions are each unique and run from October 20th to October 21st depending on where you live :) 


Hope this helps! 

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For Distributed 2021 will all sessions be recorded? I am assuming that the workshops will likely not be. If this is the case, I’ll have to try and make some of the workshops where possible.

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Hi @Kevin Kinisky Almost all of them will be recorded and shared on our Youtube channel after the event. Workshops obviously will be best experienced live but we still plan to make some of them available afterwards for folks that could not make it! See you there :) 

Hi, I’m struggling to check and confirm the timings of each session for my time zone. Is there a simple list of all the seperate sessions somewhere please and the timings? (If you have them in UK time, great, but if not, if they’re all in one list with one timezone, I can convert.) Thank you. 

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Hi @thirza ! 


If you go to the Hopin (virtual platform) agenda, it will all be in your local timezone:

*just toggle each day to see all the sessions, the times will update to your time zone. 


We also created this quick guide for making the most out of Distributed:


Did this help? 

How can I enter the Ëuropean time zone?