Wrong data in style for text get from a board

  • 20 July 2022
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Invoking API https://api.miro.com/v2/boards/<a valid board id>/items?limit=10&type=text some items have in the style.fillColor property the value "#ffffffff".

If I try to create a new text item copying the fillColor, API returns with an error which says that this is a wrong value: { "type" : "error", "code" : "2.0703", "context" : { "fields" : [ { "field" : "style.fillColor", "message" : "Color value has invalid hex string, only css compatible hex strings…

Why API return a supposed wrong value for an item existing on a board?


In addition, how can I get “fontSize” for a text item? It’s not present neither getting items nor getting text item details.




1 reply

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Hey @Pepe Cáceres! You found a good bug here. I’ve filed it internally so we can improve the developer experience.

In this case, what is happening is that the API only accepts color values in the `#000000` format, meaning a # and then 6 characters for the hex value. However, we seem to be returning color values in other formats. The inconsistency is causing the error.

For now, I recommend doing a format validation on your color values. And I’ll work on improving this on our end.