Unpleasant feature: The watermark "developer team" changes the cursor

  • 3 November 2023
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On the development team board, when you hover the cursor over the watermark itself, the cursor changes to an arrow if another cursor (hand, lasso, cross) was selected before that. This does not happen if the pen tool was selected.

The cursor does not change on the entire watermark, but only in a narrow line running approximately along its middle (see figure).

I attach the video for clarity: video

9 replies

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Thanks for reporting this @Anton Shherbinin ! Does the behaviour also change to the selection tool, or is it only the visual representation of the cursor?



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Yes, it is changing. When the cursor changes to an arrow, then it behaves like an arrow. This causes some inconvenience. For example, if a cross is selected, with which I'm going to select some widget on the board and press the left mouse button to start the selection, then the cross may turn into an arrow and the selection will not work.

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Hello @Anton Shherbinin Thank you for the response and for providing more details on the subject!


I’ve attempted to replicate the issue on our test dev team boards that also have a watermark and wasn’t able to do it - any tool that I selected (which were pen, lasso and hand) worked correctly and didn’t switch to cursor when crossing any part of the watermark, middle line included.


Does this happen on all of your Dev team boards?

Do you have any colleagues that are experiencing the same effect?

Can the board with the issue be shared with us (support@help.miro.com) so we could take a closer look at the issue?


I’ve also noticed that the video URL you shared cannot be reached from our end - could you share it using any other cloud service?



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I am developing applications alone, I don't have a team, so I can't say anything about this error from other users. There is no watermark on my other boards, so there is obviously no such problem on them.

As for the pen tool, as I wrote in the first message, it works for me too. The problem arises with the tools "hand", "lasso" and "cross".

Try to watch the video at the link: loom

I will try to send an invitation to the board to: support@help.miro.com

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I would also like to inform you that the problem appeared from the very beginning of the use of the development team (about a year ago). I used to put up with her, but now my patience has run out)))

I also wanted to say that disabling all extensions in the browser and disabling all my Miro applications does not help. Thus, the cause of this problem is exactly on the Miro side.

p.s. A text widget (a vertical stick similar to the letter I) also turns into an arrow.

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Hello Anton,

Thank you for the detailed reply and for providing a new video URL!

We were indeed able to replicate the issue after we saw that you were using Mozilla Firefox - it seems that the issue is only replicated there. We’ve shared this data with our dev team to see what could be done to fix this specific issue.

Could you please let us know if the same happens to you in Chrome or any other browser?

Thank you!


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couldn't send a message to support@help.miro.com , so I sent it in private messages

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I checked, the error is exactly repeated in the Chrome browser.

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Hi Anton,

You are correct, I was able to replicate this in Chrome as well now (weirdly, it wasn’t replicated in the previous attempts). I will make sure this is also shared with the dev team.

Given the low impact of the bug, I don’t expect it to have a high priority, but once the team’s capacity allows it - we will definitely take it into focus and resolve it!

Thank you for reporting the issue in the first place, and have a lovely day!