Mixpanel & Miro integration

  • 3 July 2020
  • 4 replies

Is there any possibility to import/integrate Mixpanel Dashboards into Miro dashboard?

4 replies

Hi Will,

Thank you for getting back swiftly! I’ll be sure to discuss this with our developers :)

Hi Boris,

I also have the interest in having an MP integration for Miro. What I’d like to build is a product dashboard where I can have reports&dashboards shown in a Miro board. An integration similar to the one that exists for Jira would be a good start. 

I am a recent user of MP but happy to discuss further if you would need more input.


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Hey @Cem Buze,

Thanks for adding a +1 to this!

While we don’t have an integration like this at the moment, it’s something you could explore yourself if you’re interested, by leveraging our REST API or Web SDK to import Mixpanel content onto a Miro board. 🙂

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Hi Anna, Boris from Miro Developer Platform team is here :raised_hands:

Right now there is now integration between Miro and Mixpanel, but it could be potentially built by 3rd party developers. 

Could you please describe, how would you like to use it?