Members unable to see boards on free Education Plan

  • 30 April 2024
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I created a free education plan and added members. But members are unable to see the boards. All they see are the features of miro when they join my account.

Anyone has this experience?

1 reply

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@Yee Wen Eng – It sounds like the boards are not shared with the team.

Take a look at this setting in each board’s sharing settings and adjust as needed:


If you want every board that is created in your Education Plan, and by every member, to be visible by default, you will need to adjust the default sharing settings by following these steps:

Another strategy for managing board access is to use Projects. For example, you could leave the board set to “Anyone at [TEAM NAME]” to “No access”, but then create Project and add all team members to the project, setting their permissions as required. Then, any board you move into that project will be editable/viewable/etc. by the members of the project.