Introducing the App Metrics dashboard! 🎉

  • 18 January 2024
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Example: App Metrics dashboard

Hey, developers!

We’re excited to announce the release of the App Metrics dashboard in the Developer Hub.

With App Metrics, developers can now make data-driven decisions based on key metrics like app installations, active users, and more. Enhance your applications, engage users more effectively, and achieve better results in user acquisition, retention, and revenue generation.

By regularly monitoring and analyzing these metrics, developers can adapt to changing market dynamics and create more successful, user-centric applications.

The App Metrics dashboard can be accessed from the Your apps section of the Developer Hub:

Access App Metrics from the Developer Hub

Learn more about App Metrics in our guide:
App Metrics


Miro Developer Platform Team

2 replies

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Great job on the clean and easy to comprehend UI! 🎉 Is there any future plan to add more features around this such as querying the metrics via an API or viewing the metrics for multiple apps on the same page?

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Hey @Yong-Chong Long thanks for the input! 

Would you please make a feature request outlining what you want/need so we can look at it and possibly put it into our plans? You can do so here: