How to get ICONs to add icons to bottomBar web plugins

  • 19 April 2021
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I am embedding  icons to Miro Board using bottomBar extension, i am able to add Circle icon but i want to add help icon ,  book icons and other icons.

Please let me know how to get the html of icons.   


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Hi @janardhan ,


You can directly add the icon file (svg for example) into your project and load the icon from a file. A quick example of this in Javascript will be to add your icons into a folder in your project and to load them using:


import icon from "path_to_icon/icon.svg";

miro.onReady(() => {
extensionPoints: {
toolbar: {
title: "Example",
toolbarSvgIcon: icon,
librarySvgIcon: icon,
async onClick() {
await miro.board.ui.openLibrary("content.html", { title: "Example" });




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@janardhan - I am assuming that you were referring to bottomBar and using the Miro Developer Platform, so I renamed “bootomBar” to “bottomBar” and moved this post to the Developer Platform and APIs category.